Vivo Y33s A Unique Mobile Phone


The VIVo Y33s is among the latest Bluetooth headsets to come from Sony. In contrast to the conventional ear phones, these new handsets make use of the Bluetooth technology in order to turn your car into a mini wireless speaker phone. You can freely talk to other Bluetooth users without having to face any difficulties. Furthermore, you can also use the car speaker phone to listen to your favourite radio stations and other audio content without having to fiddle with the handset itself. vivo y33s

The innovative technology incorporated in the VIVO y33s is what sets it apart from the other similar hand held devices available in the market. For one, it has a built-in FM radio that can be accessed with the help of the handset’s RF modem. Moreover, when you activate the FM radio, you will immediately get access to more than 40 channels of music and other audio tracks. You will find it extremely easy to browse through various channels and choose the one that you want to listen to. Apart from music, the handset also offers an impressive list of incoming and outgoing voice mail messages, making it particularly suitable for those who have busy lives and little time to spare.

When it comes to photography, the VIVO y33s has an interesting built-in camera that enables you to capture your moments easily and simply. You do not have to mess around with the complicated digital cameras as the handset has a built-in camera set in it. The handset has a unique “V shutter” that allows you to capture moving images with a cinematic look. Moreover, there is a built-in sound blasting system, which works perfectly when you need some music to boost up your photography experience. This is just a small example of the many other special features that are available with the handset.

In terms of picture quality, there is really no better camera than the VIVO y 33s. It gives you the highest resolution of the smartphone cameras and the best pictures are yet to come. The phone also comes with Helio G80 auto focus camera that ensures that you get clear and good quality shots. Apart from that, it also comes with auto flash and includes image stabilization for better shooting performance.

If you are looking for a nice mobile phone with a lot of handy features, then you should definitely consider the VIVO Y33s. The device has all the latest features that come along with handsets from top brands. One of the most appreciated features is the 2-megapixel front camera setup. This is just the first of its kind and is already making waves in the industry. Users have rated this handset as one of the best ones available in the market and its ability to capture quick photos has made it one of the most sought after smartphones today.

The phone comes with a built-in music player that can be used on any kind of music source, be it your smartphone or any other music player. The handset runs on the mature version of android operating system that ensures that you enjoy crystal-clear images all the time. In terms of internet connectivity, the vivo y33s runs on the mature version of Jellybean OS that is available in the market and provides high speed internet connectivity. With such a powerful and efficient internet platform, the user never needs to worry about connectivity.

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